CrewPay is a software tool that helps business owners securely manage and pay their contractors – hassle-free.

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That Sunday Night Feeling

Two years ago, we spent an average of 10 hours per month writing checks to pay contractors. Then we discovered an app called Payable that cut the time down to two hours. That eight hour savings is a full day’s work!

Then, Stripe acquired Payable.

We're excited for them, but this left us without a tool to easily pay our people. So, we decided we’d build one for:
Payable customers who don’t have developers to build on Stripebusiness owners like us who want peace of mind and value their time

A Better Way

CrewPay streamlines managing and paying your contractors so you can get back to doing the work that grows your business.

Instead of using spreadsheets and clunky online banking software or hand writing checks, CrewPay provides everything you need for paying freelancers and subcontractors in one easy-to-use app.

Manage Your Business. Not the Other Way Around.

Reduce Paperwork: After a simple onboarding, payments go directly into the worker’s account.Gain Clarity: Know who needs to be paid, who’s been paid and how much.Work Smarter: Win back hours of productivity every month to do more of what you want.Scale Effortlessly: Manage dozens to thousands of contractors with zero coding.Build Loyalty: Automated notifications and payment tracking creates trust with your workers.

It shouldn’t be hard to pay people. We want to keep it that way.

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